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Baklang partners with the government and private corporations in maintaining clean and modern environments. We apply our experience in managing complex operations, equipment and technology to issues of waste management. Citizens, businesses and investors expect to and do business in a clean and conducive environment. Meeting this demands require huge investments in technology and the building of elaborate up to date waste management operations.

Baklang is particularly positioned to offer cleaning solutions for oil rig cleaning, deck spillage, spits, shaker rooms and sack stores. Other key offerings are Thermal treatment for industrial waste and supply of drilling waste management products.

We also provide services in managing solid and hazardous industrial wastes, we do this through waste audit, characterization, waste handling, disposal and planning.

Our mission is to assist public and private organizations in maintaining clean, modern streets and communities by creating systems for the effective, unobtrusive management of waste.

Our Waste Management Services
  • Eco-Solutions
  • Oil Rig Cleaning-Thermal Treatment
  • Waste to Energy plants
  • Recycling
  • Active Landfill Disposal Sites
  • Waste Collection
  • Technology Solutions
  • Waste Education
  • Compliance Audits
  • Waste Inventories
  • Waste Stream Characterizations
  • Waste Handling and Disposal Management
  • Waste Management Plans