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Baklang group provides marine and offshore support services with a range of multi-purpose supply vessels and marine management services.

We offer cutting edge bespoke services to the fast growing onshore and offshore Oil and gas industry. The company’s policy is to deliver suitable vessel with professional & quality services to clients.


  • Offshore Marine Consultancy Services
  • Ocean Tugs for Worldwide Towage Activities
  • Anchor Handling  Tugs for Pipe Lay, Accommodation Barges, Drill Rigs and Conducting Rig Moves
    • Offshore Support Services including:
    • Rig / Platform Supply Vessels
    • Towing and Anchor Handling of drilling rigs and equipment.
    • Fast Crew Boat Services
    • Full saturation and air diving support
    • Full IRM services
    • ROV support and survey
    • Harbour Tugs for Terminal Handling
    • Project Cargo Transportation

Technical Partners:

To provide world class services to our clients, Baklang has developed its technical capabilities through strategic alliances with reputable world-class marine companies. These companies include:

  • GO Offshore (Asia)Pte Limited
  • Seaways International Pte. Limited
  • Varun  Shipping Company Limited
  • Korea Marine & Offshore

Baklang specializes in marine and offshore support services offering a range of multi-purpose offshore supply vessels and marine management services to the fast growing offshore oil and gas industry.

The company is poised to deliver quality services to clients as a result of the increased opportunities in exploration and production in the offshore oilfields.
LWA with its technical partners worldwide can provide the following services:

Offshore Marine Consultancy Services

Baklang's offshore marine services are aimed at facilitating its client’s decision-making process, achieving client’s objectives and adding value where it matters most. LWA continually interfaces with the market and can add significant contribution to new projects and requirements.

Towing & Anchor Handling Offshore Tugs

Baklang tugs performs conventional towing and whole anchor-handling functions for a range of offshore applications like rig towage and construction support. Our tugs can also be deployed for coastal and ocean towage of both containerized and bulk cargos,

Offshore Support Services

Baklang Services support every phase of offshore exploration, development and production including the following:

  • Towing and anchor-handling of drilling rigs and equipment
  • Transporting supplies and personnel necessary to sustain drilling
  • Research, work-over and production activities
  • Specialized services including pipe laying, pollution and fire control
  • Full saturation and air diving support
  • Full IRM services, both one off and long term support contract
  • ROV support and survey
  • Clients are offered efficient, personal and knowledgeable support services of the highest quality, from short term special projects to long term explorations.
Specialty Vessels

Baklang vessels perform functions such as line handling, platform maintenance, diving support, FPSO support, well simulation and cable laying seismic support.

Utility Vessels

We provide vessels to suit a variety of needs and special requirements. Our vessels can be configured to support diving operations, offshore structure maintenance and general on-field production support.

On clients order we can customize our Anchor Handling Towing Supply Vessels and General purpose supply vessels based on specific needs. All our vessels are fitted with experienced crew and contemporary communications and navigation facilities. Whilst the anchor-handling and towing vessel is capable of positioning and mooring drilling rigs, the general purpose supply vessels will amongst other capabilities transport large tonnes of fuel, drilling fluids, cements or mud. The open desk can also transport casting drill pipes and other materials suitable for the desk.