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Baklang corrosion control and monitoring services include (but are not limited to) the following:
Evaluating various forms of internal corrosion
  • By gases ( carbon dioxide, hydrogen sulphide, oxygen),
  • By bacteria (microbial induced corrosion)
  • Corrosion cracking (stress corrosion cracking, hydrogen induced cracking, etc.)

Corrosion Monitoring – Internal, External
  • Monitoring of internal corrosion: Probes, coupons, chemical analysis, wall thickness measurement (UT, PEC), etc
  • Monitoring of external corrosion: Coating inspection, CP survey, NDT inspection, ROV
Corrosion Prediction & Modeling
  • Corrosion Management: Principles & Practice
  • Corrosion prediction models: corrosion rate estimation
Tank Floor Scanning
  • Tank floor scanning

NOTE: For tank floor scanning, coating survey is normally combined with selected basic NDT techniques listed under NDT services.

Corrosion Management Tools & Personnel

Some specialized tools for the above-listed services would be hired from third party owners, who are proprietary for them or own licenses for them.
All personnel and their supervisors are highly qualified and certified. Their CV’s will be made available on request by Client.